Summary of Experiences
B2X Corporation
Chief Executive Officer and President and Member of the Board of Directors
Platform Learning Inc.
Chief Information Officer
Columbia House Corporation
Corporate Vice President, Technology Operations
USA Networks Corporation
Corporate Vice President, Technology
Ticketmaster Corporation
Corporate Vice President, Technology

Chief Executive Officer and President and Member of the Board of Directors

B2X Corporation is a worldwide online trading company with manufacturing relationships with the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) with revenues over $50 million. Mr. Sorisi in cooperation with the China Internet Information Center (PRC State Agency) was recruited by B2X in November 2006 as Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Sorisiís immediate task was to develop a global e-commerce 5 year business plan and state of the art technology trading platform to enable trade between US Merchants and Asian Manufacturers. As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Sorisi developed the 5 year business plan to attract investors and secure funding to commence the development of the technology platform and back office services.

Under Mr. Sorisiís leadership, he assembled a team of trade and technical experts, consisting of professionals from blue chip organizations and hired skilled in-house technical personnel. He developed the B2X Platform which includes over 12,000 products from Asia and incorporated trade compliant business processes, product management and product entry classification systems. Mr. Sorisi, developed and filed more than 10 patent applications designed to provide B2X, its platform and business systems with a competitive advantage. In addition to the trading platform, Mr. Sorisi launched back-office Systems and compliant Processes that complemented the B2X online Platform such as finance, order entry, logistics and supply chain management.

By March 2007, through his leadership and involvement in the financial community was instrumental in raising additional funding in excess of $50 million. In May 2007, Mr. Sorisi opened its representative office in Shanghai, in the PRC which is responsible for product sourcing and production management in support of the online trading platform. Upon successfully deploying the platform and securing a number of key customer contracts, Mr. Sorisi was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer and joined the Board of Directors in September 2007.

As Chief Executive Officer and President, Mr. Sorisi continues to lead the companies business development and marketing efforts to expand its service offering as defined in its major product lines being: clothing; electronics; appliances; home and garden and childrenís toys. Mr. Sorisi has successfully secured a number of key client business opportunities involving the import of products and materials from Asia. Mr. Sorisi has led the companies financial and legal due diligence efforts to prepare for a future IPO realizing greater value for B2X and its shareholders.