Summary of Experiences
B2X Corporation
Chief Executive Officer and President and Member of the Board of Directors
Platform Learning Inc.
Chief Information Officer
Columbia House Corporation
Corporate Vice President, Technology Operations
USA Networks Corporation
Corporate Vice President, Technology
Ticketmaster Corporation
Corporate Vice President, Technology

Corporate Vice President, Technology Operations

Columbia House Company, a multi -billion dollar online, phone, and direct mail consumer products, marketing and entertainment retailer with over 100,000 products, 4,000 employees and 12 million members. Mr. Sorisi served as the Corporate Vice President of IT Operations, in this position, Mr. Sorisi managed a Budget of $37 million and was responsible for IT strategy and planning and led the redesign and optimization of the companies Internet E-Commerce Site and Call Center Operations resulting in increased revenues, decreased operating costs and led the companies online Search Engine Optimization marketing resulting in increased traffic, memberships and buyers.

Mr. Sorisi strategically drove change and improved business operations implementing state of the art technology across a 50 year old company with declining revenue. His efforts realized value for the company and shareholders by increasing internet revenue of $30 million by re-engineering E-commerce system and increasing Call Center Operations revenue by $10 million by implanting CRM systems integrated with E-commerce systems and reduced operating cost by $12 million annually.

He led the re-design of the web site and implementation of CTI, CRM and Core Metrics technologies and implemented online marketing programs and a suggestive selling engine which fueled E-commerce, Call Center up sell revenue growth of $40 million annually.

Mr Sorisi led the optimization of Online and Call Center Transactional Systems, he designed and implemented server farms & enabled a centralized platform to slowly phase out legacy systems which resulted in annualized labor and systems maintenance savings. The CRM implementation provided Supply Chain system data warehouse management resulting in decrease in fulfillment loss from $10 million to $2 million and improved order fulfillment cycle time from 11 days to 3 days.

Mr. Sorisi led a re-organization and culture change initiative to decrease cost and raise productivity resulting in $2.3 in annual savings. He led the evaluation process of IT employees, organized teams by skills and created job functions improving moral and productivity . He implemented skills training and re-organized the departments which led to the reduction-in-force.

He Identified and realized $9.7 million in cost savings through outsourcing Web operations to IBM which led to $500k in annual labor savings and improved time-to-market campaigns from 5 days to 2 days. Outsourced Telemarketing realizing $1million in annual savings and improved acquisition rates from 18% conversion to 28% conversion. He outsourced Call Center and Email Operations resulted in $5.5 million in labor savings and improved customer service levels from 73% to 93% satisfaction. Negotiated and secured a new Sprint contract realizing $1.6 million in annual savings for all voice and data network services. Re-Engineered back office business processes which realized $1.1 million in labor savings by reducing call and mail processing times.